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Bollards (or bumper posts)

Almost every project we have has a bollard or two on it. Bollards are installed to keep vehicles from damaging expensive equipment, buildings and hazardous materials. Notice the bollards protecting this gate operator.

Here is a bollard protecting a gooseneck stand a keypad.

This one is protecting the barrier gate operator.

A while back one of our customers asked us to install removable bollards at a secure site. They were looking for an economical solution to a problem that hopefully never happens, a complete and total shutdown of a facility.

There are quite a number of removable or retractable bollards on the market and many are truly feats of engineering. Some are powered by hydraulics or electricity. This customer was looking for a simpler answer.

So we went to work:

This bollard has a steel rod that inserts into a sleeve that is embedded in a concrete footing. It has a lockable hasp when the bollard is in place. When the bollard is removed the metal lid closes to keep out debris. It is a very simple and effective solution.


Your facility may have an area where spending a little money on a bollard or two can help you prevent a big expense down the road.

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